Contributing and developing

Reporting issues

OpenTAXII uses Github’s issue tracker. See the OpenTAXII project page on Github.

Obtaining the source code

The OpenTAXII source code can be found on Github. See the OpenTAXII project page.


OpenTAXII repository has the following layout:

  • docker/ - Docker configuration files (OpenTAXII Docker documentation);

  • docs/ - used to build the documentation;

  • examples/ - configuration and code examples;

  • opentaxii/ - OpenTAXII source;

  • tests/ - opentaxii tests.

Database schema


Compiling from source

After cloning the Github repo, just run this:

(venv) $ python install

Running the tests

Almost all OpenTAXII code is covered by the unit tests. OpenTAXII uses py.test and tox for running tests. Type tox -r or py.test to run the unit tests.

Generating the documentation

The documentation is written in ReStructuredText (reST) format and processed using Sphinx. To build HTML documentation, go to docs and type make html.

Next steps

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